USCM (Colonial Marine) Design Templates – Pep Files

I’ve started building the USCM (United States Colonial Marine) M3 Pattern Personal Armor from the Aliens movie. A common problem is that the Colonial Marine pepakura design templates are often necro links.

Click to download USCM Pepakura Files
Click to download USCM Pepakura Files

DOWNLOAD Colonial Marine Design Template – Pep Files

So here are the files I’ve managed to track down. The ZIP file contains files both for the pepakura (eg those wanting to go down the papercraft/fibreglass route) and those who like to use foam. There’s also a facehugger, M41A Pulse Rifle and 2 helmet designs. Sadly they don’t contain the helmet camera.

These are not my files. I’m just sharing them.

Scaling your USCM Armour to Your Size

Oh, very important note when it comes to scaling this armour to your size. Measure yourself, add some extra for clothing, thickness of your chosen material (eg foam), breathing room, then SCALE THE BACK FIRST. The reason for this is the chest plate .PDO has the shoulder pieces floating off to the side, making the model wider and completely ruining the scalability. So scale the back, and use the scale measurement not the mm measurement to scale the front.

A Final Note on Screen Accuracy

Note I have found these aren’t quite screen accurate, especially the knee pad. I think I saw a snippet of conversation somewhere suggesting these were modeled from an Alien video game. There are differences if you know what to look for, and I had to modify the design to fit me properly. But they certainly put you on the road for an awesome costume.