USCM US Colonial Marine M40 HEDP Grenade from Aliens Movie (Raw Resin Cast)



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The M40 HEDP grenade from the 1986 movie Aliens, used by the USCM (US Colonial Marines), as well as Ripley when taking out a queen’s egg sac thingy, launched from the Pulse Rifle.

This HEDP grenade is a raw polyurethane resin cast that will require some minor finishing before painting. It is all one solid piece – the cap does not remove, there are no detonation buttons to press. I also cannot promise it will fit into any Pulse Rifle props you might have.

Approximate size:
Height: 66.25mm
Main body width: 20mm
Base width: 22.15mm

By Pulse Rifle Grenade – Finish it, paint it then add it to your bandolier 🙂

Trivia: The original M40 HEDP grenade props were made from 12 gauge snap caps.

Stay tuned for some fully finished Pulse Rifle grenades in the near future.

How I made this; Nomuse from The RPF released a design diagram I used as inspiration for creating this as a 3D model, which I then 3D printed, cleaned up, and created a silicone mold out of. Nomuse has a tutorial on how to create your own from metal (aluminium round bar) on a lathe.

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Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm