Warhammer Laspitol Cosplay Prop – Resin Cast – Build Log

Buildlog for Warhammer Laspistol by FauxForge Props

This Warhammer Laspistol cosplay prop was built from the ground up using a variety of canon Warhammer reference art, Warhammer 40,000 miniatures and inspiration from existing 3D models. It is based on the Kantrael pattern lasgun and would be a good fit for Cadian soldiers and Commissars. The final production is mostly resin cast, with 3 small 3D printed items, an aluminium tube and some steel screws. It will weigh between 500-600 grams and is painted with SMS lacquers.

The laspistol magwell and battery were designed to allow space for small rare earth magnets, however my production model had a tight enough fit to not need them.

Removable friction fit laspistol battery/magazine (but be careful it doesn’t wear off the paint during hurried reloads). Room has been made in the design for you to fit a couple of rare earth magnets if you decide your las pistol battery/magazine needs a more secure fit.

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Design Concepts and Template Making

Using a variety of art references and miniature photos, I created the design in Tinkercad. This is a simple 3D design program but for such a boxy prop it suited my needs just fine.

The hand grip is a modification of the Accatran Laspistol by Dan the Oiler. I changed the shape and dimensions to fit my hand.

In coming up with the design I wanted to transport it from small miniature to “real world” and this involved adding some features that wouldn’t normally have been on a laspistol meant for a small figurine;

  • A seam to make the pistol comprised of 2 “shells” (for assembly/disassembly)
  • Screws to hold the shell together
  • Screws in the bottom of the battery/magazine (concept was an outer “sleeve” that fits over the guts of the battery)
  • Power switch and power level
  • A power level slider big enough to be used easily during combat, and – and + symbols that are recessed (paint could get rubbed off)
  • A muzzle tip that looked to be made up of more than 1 part (eg outer shroud, outer barrel, inner barrel)
  • Textured hand grip
  • Seams for the front and rear sights, to simulate removability
  • A back plate where a buttstock might have been. Perhaps the laspistol is modular and could have components shared with the lasgun?

3D Printing and Preparation of the Master

The usual swearing at the printer, failed prints and endless rounds of filler primer and sanding. And filler primer, and sanding. And some more filler primer, and sanding.

I use a Sharpie to mark spots that need extra attention for smoothing out. I also alternated 3 different colours of filler primer to assist with this.

The textured grip was actually 80 grit sandpaper glued on, then the roughness and joining edges softened with filler primer.

The battery/magazine ejection buttons and the rear plate are the only items in the final production that are 3D printed. These and the aluminium sight tube aside, the rest is all resin cast. There are 2 moulds created in total, with the main body being a 3 piece mould and the barrel, handgrip and battery/magazine being 2 part, and the top sight holders and lenses being 1 part moulds.

I didn’t get time to photograph the painting procedure, but that’s not difficult to figure out; primer, gloss black, green for the main body, steel for the muddle and battery as well as the main body to cater to potential chipping of the green, and wear and tear. The handle gets satin black before it all gets the black/brown/sienna washes and scuffed silver weathering.

The Finished Warhammer Laspistol Prop

Fully assembled, painted and weathered. Looks like the charge on the laspistol battery is getting a bit low, so take care with your remaining shots.



This cosplay prop is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. All associated material from the Warhammer 40,000 universe are either ®, TM and/or © Copyright Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2020, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.