My Ninja Forms Disappeared!

New to Ninja Forms? So am I. Ran into some problems with Ninja Forms? So did I!

Did Your Ninja Form Disappear Mysteriously? Mine too!

You might find if you duplicate the form and insert that code it will start to function again. But there might be a better solution to the disappearing Ninja Forms.

A Possible Solution to Disappearing Ninja Forms

Did you enable Limit Submissions under Restrictions in order to help stop spammers submitting the form multiple times? Well you probably reached that limit while you were testing! So on your device the form disappears but it is most likely still visible for everyone else. Try looking at the form on a different device and you might find the form is still there. Need to do more testing? Turn off or increase the Limit Submissions.

Thanks to bootupword for this solution, found at

Other Potential Causes

There are other potential causes (such as a caching plugin trying to minimise the Ninja Forms JS, such as with the Autoptimize plugin), but my problem is fixed so here ends the article 😉 But try the usual things; disable plugins, change to a default theme, try a different PHP version, perhaps even rollback the version of Ninja Forms.

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