Maes Hughes Knife (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Coming up with the design for the throwing knife Maes uses was difficult because from episode to episode, scene to scene, even frame to frame, the shape and design of the knife would change. Shorter and fatter one episode, longer, thinner and with holes in it the next. So I came up with a compromise, based mainly on the train ride episode.

The design template is free for you to download. I made it large so you can size it to fit your hand (easier to make the design smaller than to make it bigger).

Click to download Maes Hughes Knife design for $1.00 AUD. Please do not use my template for commercial purposes.

How I made Maes Hughes’ Knife

The knife is made from high density EVA foam in 3 main pieces;

  1. Blade
  2. Crossguard
  3. Handle

In the photos below you can see I did progressively cut the template into pieces as I progressed; first I had the entire knife blade traced out, then I cut off the knife edge to mark out where to bevel, then I cut out the inner blade holder. In total there were 5 pieces (the blade incorporated 2 blade holder pieces).

I ensured my craft knife blades were sharp to ensure good clean cuts. I used my Dremel/rotary tool to smooth edges. I used a sharpened pen barrel (all I had but if you had some metal pipe, use that) to cut the holes. I used superglue to put the pieces together but you can use contact cement (eg Barge) if you prefer. I do not recommend hot glue. A pass with the heat gun to get any fuzzies and seal the foam, and it’s ready for priming and painting!

Painting The Knife

Pretty simple really;

  1. A coat or 3 of black Plasti-Dip (rubber paint). I stabbed the handle onto a wooden skewer (pictured above).
  2. Taped off the black handle with low-tack painters tape (won’t need to paint any other colour on the handle!)
  3. Painted the blade silver.

Having a con early the next morning I did not do any weathering of the knife to add depth. Feel free to, or not.