Deadshot Cosplay from Suicide Squad

Have you seen the Suicide Squad movie? Will Smith portrays the character of Deadsdshot, an assassin who never misses. His costume features the iconic eyepiece and black and red body armour. He is part of a group of criminals coerced into performing missions for the government in exchange for reduced sentences.

Suicide Squad Movie

Suicide Squad Deadshot Cosplay

I cosplayed as “Deadsuit” at the Sydney Oz Comic-Con in September, having only decided at the last minute to go, so all I had time for was to paint a Nerf blaster, buy a cheap (and horribly crappy) Deadshot mask and don some red and black coloured formalwear. I was wondering at the reception, as I was sure some would call it a “lazy” cosplay. But the feedback was very positive and through sheer luck ended up with a Suicide Squad and also in a “Best Cosplay of Oz Comic-Con 2016” cosplay compilation on YouTube, created by the awesome CactusCan. Myself and the Suicide Squad appear around the 56 second mark.

And then I got to thinking “hmm.. Brisbane Supanova is coming up in November… why don’t I make the proper Deadshot costume? It looks relatively simple.”

Famous last words. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. The costume is 90% complete, at a “good enough” level to have worn it at the Brisbane Supanova 2016. Here are a few shots;

Once I get time I’ll post a more detailed “build log” inc some tips on how I made certain pieces.

Suicide Squad Deadshot Cosplay Designs and Templates

I created the templates from a ton of reference shots of movie stills, actual screen worn props, and some highly detailed toy figures. The templates aren’t 100% accurate but to quote a famous Australian movie – “That’ll do pig. That’ll do.”

I’ve been asked to share the templates I created. Since I’m a nice fellow, here they are. Note they are not to scale. You’ll need to scale them to fit your body and other props. For reference for the wrist guns; they are based on a Glock 19 handgun. Glock 19s are about 187mm/7.36in. tip to handle end, not including the compensator.

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