Suicide Squad Deadshot Armor Templates for Cosplay


What is NOT included;

  • Magwell basepad
  • Magazine basepad
  • Lower bicep armour template
  • Lower arm leather wrap template or armgun mount plate
  • Facemask template
  • Anything to do with Deadshot’s rifle


Here are my design templates for Will Smith’s version of Deadshot.

The files include templates for his body armour EXCEPT his lower bicep and forearm – they may come at a later date. Files include templates for the eye piece, drop leg base plates and his rear Glock holsters.

Also included are 3D print files for;
* Basic RMR sight for custom Glock 17 sidearm
* Toy Glock 17 slider for custom Glock 17 sidearm
* Compensator for custom Glock 17 sidearm
* Arm gun compensator
* Arm gun tip thingo

Note: These Glock parts render the gel shooter inoperable. The RMR sight is also non-functional.

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