Stories Beat Stuff Competition – Update

Lake Tekapo next to the Church of the Good Shepherd
Lake Tekapo

With thanks to my lovely friend from across the world (Joy), who encouraged her sister Tash to vote for myself, Bec, Brad and Chris in the  Stories Beat Stuff competition (to win a $30,000 New Zealand adventure). Tash went on to post our video entry on her 2500 strong Twitter account. Joy and Tash estimate about 100 votes were garnered in this fashion. Our entry then went on to be featured on The Daily Tweets (site now defunct).

No winner has been announced yet. But we are keeping our collecting fingers, toes and prehensile appendages crossed 😀 We are up against some pretty stiff competition and there were some amazing last minute entries that skipped to the top 10 overnight (it took me almost 2 weeks to work into the top 20). You can view my dorky and awkward entry on my Youtube account.

Thanks Joy, and thanks Tashie 🙂 And thanks to everyone else who showed their support by voting for us (even if we don’t win, it’s still appreciated and won’t be forgotten).

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