Radio Control RQ-1 Predator UAV Drone Project

As some might know, I am a bit of a geek and I have recently started building and flying model air craft.

My third plane is the RQ-1 Predator UAV Drone from Nitro Planes. With a wingspan of 1.6 metres it is another powered glider, not really put out for acrobatics.

The userguide that came with this is pretty useless, and the paint scratches off easily, but it has received positive reviews from those who own them, and with Papa Jeff’s fantastic build log (which Nitro Planes lists now as the “support thread”), my own building has progressed well. It will be ready to fly in a couple of days – 6 months after I bought it 😉 Of course I will be putting in my super duper “special black box” flight stabilisation system. Wouldn’t fly with out it. By the way, Fyetech FY-30A can also be used for those wanting to do 3D acrobatics and also as a camera gimbol stabilisation for quad copters.

Checkout the Hobby video review of the Predator in action.

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  2. Aerobot sells RC Equipment and kit to build your own, or order a custom-built platform for UAV drone.

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