Winsky T206 Cessna – Beginner RC Plane

My first plane was a foam Cessna  T206 from Winsky. The Cessna’s are a good plane to learn on – reasonably slow flyer, the high wing gives it stability, and “foamies” are reasonably durable in that they are easy to repair (depending on the type of foam, superglue AKA CA glue will work fine [or melt it], or epoxy). My very first flight lasted less than 20 seconds. It took off, gracefully curved to the left, then since I didn’t know what I was doing, flipped it upside down and then crashed it into the ground, tearing the wing off.

My poor Cessie has had it’s fair share of crashes including consecutive nose dives that have split the fuselage open or in half. That is the down side to “tractor” planes with engines in the nose – you can and will damage the propeller, engine, and/or engine mount when learning as often it’s the nose that is hitting the ground first. Especially when you are a beginner. What can you do about that? Well you could get a pusher prop electric glider that is much more forgiving, such as the popular Multiplex EasyStar.

My Cessna is not a widespread brand and no one in Australia stocks it. But it is available from certain Chinese websites/suppliers such as those found on AliExpress. The RTF version you can get for under $200 + postage, which still makes it a reasonable choice for beginners.