Traci Hines releases Mass Effect inspired song – Cause and Effect

Traci Hines - (photo by Benjamin Hines and Cameron Oden)

You could easily call her the “YouTube Disney Princess” and get away with it, though more commonly people would recognise her as the real life “Ariel The Little (YouTube) Mermaid”. Now singer Traci Hines has released a new song inspired by the hit video game Mass Effect, aptly titled Cause and Effect.

Traci Hines - YouTube PrincessAlbum art by Benjamin Hines. Photography by Benjamin Hines and Cameron Oden.

Grab this song on iTunes and Amazon MP3. Get some of her other songs while you’re at it. I can’t recommend one of her other songs – they’re all good 😉 Amazon gives you a quick preview of each song.

Check out her:

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