Tips for Successful Couch Surfing

Here are some useful tips for you to help you get a handle on what couch surfing is all about, which will also help you get the most out of couch Surfing;

  1. No short couch requests
  2. No public couch requests
  3. Read their profile
  4. Fill out your own profile
  5. Join the local Groups

In more detail…

1. Generally Sending short public couch requests rarely gives results. Many hosts will either not read these groups or find it too impersonal. And in places such as Sydney and Byron Bay, they get so many personal requests that they will give those ones more attention.

2. Very short couch requests will often get you a “no” as an answer, especially if they go something like this;

“Hi! I am coming to [your town] in a few days. Hope your couch is available.”

A host wants to feel valued, like you are seeking a connection and an experience, not just a free bed for a night or two. Here are some useful tips on writing a couch request.

3. Read the profile of the host you are requesting a couch with. A host can tell when you do not, and like very short couch requests, will often get you a “no” answer. Not reading their profile will show them you are only interested in free accommodation. Include some of what you read into your couch request.

4. You are effectively a stranger wanting a host to let you into their home. This means you need to fill your profile out in detail as it is the best way to show someone who you are. The host will read your profile to see if you are the kind of person that will get along with them.

5. On a social/activity level, you can join the various forum groups/Place pages of the areas you are traveling to. This will not only allow you to introduce yourself to the locals, but find out about any events and activities that are happening, or just ideas on what you should see in the area. Eg there is a group/Place page for every large city in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Other useful groups include;

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