Someone stole my Facebook password

Facebook SecurityI was locked out of my Facebook today because apparently someone tried to log into my Facebook from Japan. Luckily Facebook security settings blocks people from logging in from strange locations and sometimes even unrecognised devices. So I ran through the process that Facebook put in front of me;

1. Chose a new password
2. Turned on Login Approvals. This requires you to keep your phone handy (something a hacker won’t have with them) as a security code will be sent to your phone via SMS before you can log into an account from a new/different device or location.
3. Turned on Trusted Contacts. Trusted contacts are close friends that you can call for help if you ever have trouble accessing your account. They will be given a security code on your behalf, which they then give to you to enter into the confirmation screen. You need to select a minimum of 3 trusted friends in order to enable this feature.

What sprang to my mind was “how did someone get hold of my password?”. I like to think I’m pretty careful with my stuff. Regularly scan for malware, spyware and other nasties, whenever I sign up to a sign I use an email address and not the “Sign in with Facebook” option, I can spot a fake/scammed Facebook post, I don’t use apps or games on my Facebook, I periodically inspect my security settings, etc.

Here are 5 ways your password could be stolen

This article demonstrates how easy it could be to have your account compromised, along with some suggestions on how to tighten things up .

Given the oft-changing landscape of Facebook and their privacy and security policies, it’s always a good idea to periodically check your security settings, as well as your privacy settings, especially if you don’t want the world to see what you got up to last weekend.

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