Genshin Impact Cosplay – Fatui Pyro Agent Mask



A lightweight Fatui Pyro Agent mask to complete your Genshin Impact cosplay. Made from quality EVA foam and painted in acrylic paints, any creases from settling debts can be minimised with some (gentle) heat.



Need a lightweight Fatui Pyro Agent mask to complete your Genshin Impact cosplay? Well here you go 😀

Using reference art, I freehand designed this and made the mask out of good quality high density EVA foam, using some opaque plastic sheeting as lenses that you can’t see out of very well and some nylon straps, a clip and some elastic to secure the Fatui Pyro Agent mask to your head.

Depending on availability of supplies, this Fatui Pyro mask will either be sealed with Rosco FlexBond, HexFlex Primer or Plasti-Dip – both are flexible and if you accidentally bend your Genshin Impact mask you can minimise creases with gentle application of heat.

This Fatui Pyro Agent cosplay mask is ideally made for someone whose eyes are 6.5cm/2.56″ apart (measured from the pupil) but that is only so you can maximise your hazy yellow vision. The Genshin Impact cosplayer wearing the mask has a face height of 18.5cm/7.28″ from chin to hairline.

Prefer to buy from Etsy? Then you can, although they may be a price difference.

Fatui Pryo Agent cosplay outfit made made by cosplay commissioner Claudia Pheonix (

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm