Matilda Bay Population 8 – I’m not hungrythirsty, just thirsty

matilda-beerIt is true – you DO have to be in it to win it. But I don’t include poker machines or Lotto in that statement, because let’s face it, the chances of winning are extremely slim.

But I did enter the Matilda Bay Brewing Company’s contest, where for a change to win their entire population of 8 beers, you were asked what member of their family would you like to meet and why.

And I won 😀 1 of each of their beers (8).

Just thought you should all know 😉

Check out the Matilda Bay Brewing Company Facebook Page for interesting updates including a “Miss Heilala” beer – vanilla milk stout (?) and other small batch beers. Still not sure how you get the smell/taste of gooseberry in a beer…

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