Caldera Forms reCaptcha Not Working On Firefox – SOLUTION

UPDATE: Caldera Forms has been discontinued.

I suggest looking into Ninja Forms by the same developer, or if you want control over the form layout (eg columns) then I recommend Forminator. I use Forminator on many websites and enjoy the layouts and the ability to delete database-stored submissions after a period of time. Both plugins will support V2 and V3 reCaptchas, as well as the ability for them to be used as payment forms.

No Caldera Forms reCaptcha Using FireFox

After I updated to WordPress 5.6 the reCaptcha on my Caldera Forms (Caldera Forms Anti Spam plugin) page disappeared, but only in FireFox. It works fine in Google Chrome and and Microsoft Edge.

No reCaptcha on Firefox Cause

Let’s not write an essay. The cause is WordPress 5.6 uses jQuery 3.3.2 which Caldera Forms Anti Spam doesn’t seem to like.

reCaptcha on Firefox Solution

Install the plugin jQuery Manager By Remzi Cavdar and use it to roll back the jQuery to 2.2.4.min.js.

Fixed 🙂


Test your site thoroughly in case this solution breaks something else on the site. Eg this solution may stop your WooCommerce check out from working correctly as it may stop the drop down menus (eg Country, State/Province) from working.

A Final Note

I’d suggest this as a temporary solution. If you can’t fix it yourself via another method, keep an eye out for future updates from Caldera or WordPress.

Did I save your bacon? Avert a disaster? Let’s relax with a pot of tea 🙂

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