50,000 Australian Parkrun Participants

Adidas helping Parkrun celebrate 50,000 Parkrun participants with 50 $50 vouchers – And I won one!

Adidas Parkrun GiveawaySipping my morning tea, I sat at my computer deleting my spam and other unimportant emails that didn’t need to be read. It’s my morning wake up routine. I came across the latest Parkrun newsletter and I am always keen to see if there is any mention of the three Newcastle area Parkruns. I was previously happily surprised to find my own “Parkrun experience” featured in a Parkrun newsletter so such involvement keeps me interested in the newsletter.

Adidas was running a $50 voucher give away to celebrate 50,000 registered Parkrun participants in Australia. All you had to do was attend one or two particular Parkrun dates (or both) to be in the “running” (hahahahahaha).

I gave a quick and half hearted skim over the names as I was scrolling down to the next segment of the newsletter and my own name popped out at me! The 8 ball certainly didn’t see that one coming. While they do say “you have to be in it to win it”, the odds are never encouraging so I never bother to get my hopes up (except for that one time…).

So, I am extra chirpy this morning! Not only that, but I shaved 85 seconds off my previous Parkrun time.

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