1990 Toyota Camry SV21 For Sale

This car has now been sold. *sniff*

I have owned this car for over 7 years and it has been a wonderful gem. Before that it was owned by an older fellow and when I bought it, it was in immaculate condition – I was surprised and lucky to find such a well preserved car. 7 years and 150,000km of highway driving on, it is showing wear and tear but still has life left in it. It just needs a mechanically minded person to spend some time on it.

A perfect size for the long road trips or the shorter trips to crowded shopping center carparks. I have owned 2 Camry’s in my life and Toyota build quality, reliability and economy has never failed to amaze me. This car is so good that Holden had to take it and call it the Apollo 😉 Apparently the Camry is one of the few cars that can still be driven with a broken drive belt without doing permanent damage to the engine.

I have since upgraded/down sized to a smaller car now that I work from home and it is time to say goodbye to this gem.

This car needs repairs and a blue slip to get back on the road. I am no mechanic and I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars just in labour costs (eg $280 to fix a ball joint that costs $34 for the part).

The Potential

  • Still starts first go (when voltage drop not in the way)
  • Anyone mechanically minded will be able to get this back on the road. I am not mechanically minded and do not have the right tools, otherwise I would have done it myself
  • Toyota build quality and reliability, plenty of cheap and readily available spare parts

The Specs

  • Model: 1990 Toyota Camry SV21 (SV21’s are the better Camry models)
  • Engine: 2.0Litre EFI, 4 cylinder
  • Km; 294, 000
  • Transmission; Auto

The Good

  • Toyota build quality and reliability, naturally.
  • Economical – I have driven from Newcastle to Dreamworld (approx 9 hours/730km) on 1 tank of petrol. It was common for me to get about 750km (sometimes more) on the highway out of 1 tank of fuel
  • 1 brand new tyre (Yokohama A Drive)
  • Stored undercover for the 7 years I owned it
  • Kenwood CD player
  • Very shiny paint! Even when covered in dust it still shines.
  • Air con (needs repair however)

The Bad

To pass rego the following is needed;

  • Rust; in structure of windscreen next to door frame prevents rego from passing. Also some additional rust on back under light, and along bottom of the front left door and the top frame of the rear left door.
  • Left front ball joint
  • Oil leaks around the oil seals on left side of engine
  • Oil leak around cracked distributor cap
  • 2 new tyres

Other repairs needed to get the car into tip top shape;

  • Air con needs repair – The clutch plate is missing a screw, but even when screwed on it will not bring much relief on a hot summer day
  • Windscreen cracked on left side (does not prevent rego)
  • Temperature sender doesn’t work (so the temperature gauge will not work correctly as a result)
  • Voltage drop that sometimes prevents the car from starting – need to force connection between terminals on the starter motor. A reliable mechanic says installing a relay will fix this
  • Air con needs repair – The clutch plate is missing a screw, but even when screwed on it will not bring much relief on a hot summer day
  • 2 leaky tires, may not pass rego
  • Blue slip needed
  • Battery won’t hold charge
  • Rear bumper damage from being bumped by a P plater at traffic lights
  • 1 silver door (but has tint) as a result of forgetting to close the original door when reversing out of my carport (hit the wall and damaged the latch)
  • Fuel light – this recently stopped working
  • Hole in left back quarter panel, thanks to a guy and his ghurka knif
  • Paint chips on front skirt and strip above grill from highway driving. Cracks on the roof (perhaps some high quality rubbing compound will fix?)

The Bonuses

  • Second hand distributor cap and leads
  • Box of new Ferodo GP2 brake pads
  • Haynes repair manual
  • Bottle of fuel injector cleaner
  • 4 litre bottle of Mobile Super 1000 oil
  • Spare boot carpet
  • Fitted dashmat
  • Club lock steering lock and key
  • Spark plug removal tool (sparkplugs buried deep in Toyota Camry engines)
  • Carpets completely shampooed in 2009 – took EVERYTHING out of the car

Over the course of its 7 year life with me it has had new radiator, battery, new rear shocks, middle and rear muffler, water pump, windscreen wiper linkage, 3 new windscreens and minor mechanical work for general maintenance and registration (fuel filter, bushes, standard oil changes, transmission fluid and filter), as well as 1 new rear door (forgot to close the door when reversing out of my driveway, hit a brick wall and damaged the original door – was cheaper to replace than repair).


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  1. Yeah, most of them were like that when I got the car. More of a quirk than an annoyance. Was kinda sad to let go of this car.

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